CPS reputation in the industry is excellent. We are known as good marketers and good operators. We are proud of our company and particularly proud of CPS people and their capabilities to deliver services and value to our farm customer. Joe Lee, 1988

Welcome to our Website!

Crop production services  is a full line supplier of fertilizers, and crop protection supplies for farm, landscape and garden needs. We carry Polaris Rangers and invite you to come into our showroom and take a look, or for that matter, test drive one of these outstanding machines..
At Crop Production Services (CPS), we are focused on one thing and one thing only – providing our customers with the products and services they need to grow the best crops possible. We do this farm by farm and one customer at a time by leveraging our global experience.

At Crop Production Services, our mission statement is:
“We are committed to being the leading provider of agricultural inputs in each of our markets. We will attract and retain outstanding employees by motivating and rewarding them for their accomplishments in providing exceptional service to our valued customers.”

We are dedicated to helping our customers achieve maximum success. When you meet and work with a member of the Crop Production Services team, we are confident you will see our strengths first-hand and “Profit from our experience.”

If you have any questions or suggestions please, send us an email  click here.  We want this website to be as useful and informational for you as possible so feel free to let us know what you’re thinking.