Other (hydroponics)


A U.S. hydroponic farmer has said he believes the farming method is going to take off throughout the country over the next few years as a result of water shortages, rising fuel prices, and the benefits finally shining through to growers. 

“It’s not that a hydroponic tomato tastes any better or any worse than a conventionally grown tomato, but hydroponics lets you grow right next to the market so that your vine crops are ripened on the vine, and the greens are picked the day or the day before people actually consume them.”

Hydroponic farming also uses far less water than conventional methods as the water is recirculated until it’s needed.


The method also allows for a considerably greater crop yield from the same amount of space as traditional methods.

While in fields the seeds must be planted sufficiently far apart to allow for the fully-grown size of the produce, with hydroponics seeds are initially grown extremely close together in the propagation stage and are then moved up to the nursery and finishing stages.