Crop Production Services (CPS)

The one name in crop production inputs

Crop Production Services (CPS) was established in 1983, but predecessor companies began operating as early as 1859. CPS continues to grow by being an innovative, full-service agriculture retailer with a vision.

“No other company has over a century of experience in offering growers like you such product availability and convenience.”

Established in 1978
Independent distributor of agricultural inputs and professional non-crop products in the U.S. and Canada. 370 distribution and storage facilities, custom-blended fertilizer, seed and seed treatment and custom application services.
Purchased by Agrium in 2008.
Established in 1983
Predecessor companies in existence for over 100 years. 326 facilities and satellites in 24 states east of the Rocky Mountains, 21 division offices, 44 terminals and 12 distribution centers, custom blended fertilizer, agricultural chemicals, seed, custom application, field scouting and precision agriculture.
Purchased by Agrium in 1993.
Established in 1872
Leading supplier of fertilizers, seed and crop protection products. More than 300 Farmarket retail locations, as well as numerous production and distribution points serving agriculture in the eastern third of the United States.
Purchased by Agrium in 2006.
Established in 1968
87 facilities and satellites in 5 states west of the Rocky Mountains, 6 division offices, Precision Agri Lab, turf & ornamental product line, wholesale distribution and a weather station network of over 1,500 units.
Purchased by Agrium in 1995.