Water Efficiency



California 25% Mandatory Water Restriction and Water Maxx2

As you might already be aware California’s Governor Jerry Brown imposed a mandatory 25% reduction of water usage across the state of California on residential, commercial and agricultural consumption.

What this means is that now more than ever we have to become proactive and take action in finding ways to become more efficient in our water usage.

There are many resources, products, and tools to get us there. With the implementation of efficient irrigation, nutrition, and planting programs we can still keep our beautiful Southern California landscapes, nurseries, and farms growing and green.

A basic NPK and targeted nutrition program, a soil moisture monitoring tool (tensiometer), and the right irrigation efficiency product such as Water Maxx2, can help us keep our plants healthy and keep us within the 25% restriction imposed.

Crop Production services offers a wide variety of products as well as services to help you on this new trek. One of the many ways that CPS can help is by identifying the specific needs of your soil and plants.


Beat the Drought, Make every drop count!!


A best seller among Central Valley farmers for years, our featured product, Water Maxx2, allows for maximum efficiency in water use by providing the following benefits:

  • Improved water filtration that delivers water and nutrients to the root zone quickly and evenly.
  • Better lateral movement of water, extending its horizontal reach.
  • Increased crop production via enhanced water availability and nutrients to the plant.
  • Reduction in water use (and costs!) by making every drop count.

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